2024-01-11 iOS: Slide-to-copy

  • Slide-to-copy is now working on iOS, with an additional click though.
    Thanks to Maria!

2023-11-05 Currency translation

  • Currency translations are now supported.
  • libqalculate (the library behind this app) got updated

2023-04-02 Additional settings

  • For angles, one can now choose between radians, degrees and gradians
  • Additional settings using the qalc syntax are now supported. Additionally, custom variables can be defined.

To try them out, switch to the settings page.

2023-03-11 Copy result

Calculation results can now be copied using the button/swipe.

2023-02-11 Constant suggestions, swipe gestures & bookmarks

When entering constants, suggestions are now shown in place. Try to enter "pi*3" or "planck"!
Tip: You can also use the arrow/enter keys to select a suggestion.

Calculations in the history can now be bookmarked! Once bookmarked, they won't get lost anymore.
Tip: You can give bookmarked calculations a name.

On devices with touch support, you can now swipe left/right on a calculation in the history to remove, bookmark or copy it.